Week 10

Week 10 :

Tuesday, October 30

****SELF PORTRAITS ARE DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.**** We will begin a new project.

  • We looked at your self portraits. Most of them looked unfinished and not nearly as well done as your portraits of each other. I gave you all until next Tuesday to redo them before I grade them.
  • Everyone was given a tool to draw. We began by making four "thumbnail" sketches to experiment with different ideas of how to compose our drawing.
  • You chose two of your four thumbnails to enlarge on toned paper. Using "sighting" you made sure that your enlarged drawings were the same proportion as your thumbnails.
  • After you enlarged your thumbnail with pencil on toned paper, you went over the drawing with black ink and a brush. I asked you experiement with "line quality". This means experiementing with the thickness and flow of the ink line to add areas of emphasis and variety.

Oct 23 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 我們期待在您的自畫像。他們中的大多數看起來未完成的和您的肖像彼此幾乎沒有做得很好。我給你所有重做,直到下週二前I級。
  • 每個人都被賦予了工具來繪製。我們一開始就四個“縮略圖”素描實驗不同的想法如何組成我們的繪圖。
  • 你選擇了你的四個縮略圖放大色調的紙。使用“瞄準”你確定擴大圖紙相同的比例縮略圖。
  • 當你擴大你的縮略圖,你去色調的紙用鉛筆繪圖用黑色墨水和毛筆。我問你experiement的“線路質量”。這意味著experiementing添加強調和各種領域的墨線的厚度和流動。

Thursday, November 1

Today will be a work day. We will complete our ink drawings.


  • Today was a workday. We completed our drawings of tools.
  • Don't forget that your drawing pads are due next Tuesday. See below for a list of the drawings that should be completed. Make sure you drawings are in order and clearly labeled before you turn your drawing pad in for grading.

Nov 1 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 今天是工作日。我們完成了圖紙的工具。
  • 不要忘了,你的圖片下週二到期。請參閱下面的列表應該完成的圖紙。確保你的圖紙,並明確標示分級之前,你把你的繪圖板。

Drawings that are due next Tuesday:

1. Copy of Sargeant's drawing of "Madame X"

2. Portrait of a partner.

3. Apples

4. Copy of portrait value study. 

5. Self Portrait

6. Big Portrait (I have these and they will be graded)

I will also be grading your sphere terminology quiz.