Week 12

Week 12 :

Tuesday, November 13

Continuation of tree drawing.

  • Today was a work day. The ink drawings of trees will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday. You will also need to turn in your four value scales.
  • I also discussing three different artists: Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Henry Fuseli and Harry Carmean. Each of these artists were very intentional with how they used line in their drawings. Look closely at their drawings. Note how "line quality" can be used to create movement and areas of emphasis.

Nov 13 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 今天是一天的工作。水墨畫樹木,是由於在課堂上週四開始的。您還需要把你的四個價值尺度。
  • 我也討論三個不同的藝術家薩爾瓦多·達利,埃德加·德加,富塞利和哈里Carmean。這些藝術家是非常有意與他們在他們的繪畫用線。仔細看看他們的畫。注意對“線路質量”,可用於創建移動和重點領域。

Salvador Dali

Edgar Degas

Henry Fuseli

Harry Carmean

Thursday, November 15

Tree Drawings are due at the beginning of class.

We will be starting a new drawing today.

  • We began class with a critique of the tool drawings. We also looked at your tree drawings. Those of you who turned in your tree drawings todey will get extra credit for turning them in on time. Those of you who were not finished can turn it in on Tuesday. After Tuesday the assignment will be considered late.
  • The remainder of class was spent beginning our next assignment. If you were not in class today you can catch up on Tuesday. This is partially a group assignment so you will need to be in class to complete it.

Nov 15 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 我們開始類的工具圖紙的批評。我們也期待在樹圖。誰把樹中的圖紙todey將獲得額外的學分,他們在對的時間。你還沒說完,就可以把它在週二。在週二的分配將被視為遲到了。
  • 其餘類花一開始,我們的下一個任務。如果你今天不上課,你可以趕上週二。這部分是一組分配,所以你必須在課堂上完成。