Week 11

Week 11 :

Tuesday, November 6

We will begin work on a new project. I will provide necessary new supplies. ***DRAWING PADS DUE AT BEGINNING OF CLASS***.

  • We started class by creating four value scales using different patterns. Darker value can be created using a higher concentration of pattern elements or by changing the size of pattern elements.
  • I gave each of you a picture of trees. You made four thumbnail drawings based on one or each of the trees. We will use one of those compositions for a finished drawing on Thursday.

Nov 6 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 我們開始上課創建了四個價值尺度,採用不同的模式。較深“的值可以被創建,使用較高濃度的花紋元素或通過改變圖形元素的大小。
  • 我給你的圖片樹木。您圖紙的基礎上的樹木中的一個或每四個縮略圖。我們將使用這些組合物在週四的成品圖。

Value scales created with a variety of different patterns.

Thursday, November 8

Continuation of tree drawings.

  • Choose one of your four thumbnail compositions to make a final drawing of and enlarge it onto a piece of Bristol board.
  • Using your four value scales as a reference use a different pattern to create value on each of the four elements of your composition: tree, ground, sky, cloud. For example the shading of the tree might be achieved using a range of values created by a pattern of stars, the ground with a pattern or lines, the cloud a pattern of circles and the sky a pattern of wavy lines. So each elements rendered using one of your four value scale patterns.
  • Your final drawing must be rendered entirely in ink on Bristol Board. Use a pencil to block in your drawing but the pencil must be erased before you turn in the drawing.
  • We will work on this drawing again next Tuesday.

Nov 8 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 選擇的四個縮略圖組成,作最後的圖紙和放大到一塊上等板。
  • 使用四個價值尺度作為參考使用不同的圖案構圖的四個要素:創造價值的樹木,地面,天空,雲。例如遮光樹可能創建分,與地面的圖案或線條,雲的圓的圖案和天空的圖案的波浪線的圖案的使用的範圍內的值來實現。因此,每個元素呈現的四個價值尺度模式。
  • 你最終的圖紙必須完全呈現在墨碧董事會。使用鉛筆繪圖中的封鎖,但必須先擦除之前,請先在繪圖的鉛筆。
  • 我們將在此圖下週二。