Week 7

Week 7 :

Tuesday, October 9

Make sure you bring your drawing pad ready to be turned in at the beginning of class. All your projects should be in order. If you need to rearrange your projects make sure to tape them into your drawing pad so they are not hanging loose.

  • Drawing pads were due at the beginning of class.
  • Today we talked about how the three kinds of perception we have covered so far: edges, space and relationships apply to drawing portraits.
  • Two of the most common mistakes that people make when drawing portraits is to put the eyes too close to the top of the head and the ears too close to the eyes. See below for more information about these two proportions.
  • We spent the majority of the class copying a drawing made by Sergeant called "Madame X".

Oct 9 10月9日(Translated by Google Translate)

  • 繪圖墊是由於在剛開始上課的。
  • 今天我們談到的三種看法到目前為止,我們已經覆蓋的邊緣,空間和關係如何適用於繪製畫像。
  • 繪製畫像時,人們作出的兩種最常見的錯誤是把眼睛太靠近頭頂和耳朵太靠近眼睛。這兩個比例的更多信息,請參閱下面的。
  • 我們花費了多數類的複製畫被稱為“夫人X”的警長。

Two of the proportions (relationships) that are common to most human faces are:

1. The distance from the back of the eye to the back of the ear is the same as the distance from the eye-line to the bottom of the chin. (The bottom of the ear tends to be level with the middle of the upper lip.)

2. The eye-line or eye level is half way between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin. 

People new to portrait drawing often get these two proportions wrong. They tend to put the eyes closer to the top of the head and ears too close to the eyes. One reason for this could be that our minds tend to disregard areas where there are no important features so it minimizes the forehead and the space between the ears and eyes. Our brain doesn't see them as being significant which can affect how it interprets visual information.

Thursday, October 11

I will give you back your drawing pads today graded.

  • I demonstrated how to draw a portrait from observation.
  • For this portrait, as with the copy we made of Sargeants drawing of Madame X, we are focusing on perception of edges, (negative) space and sighting relationships.
  • We will continue working on these portraits in class on Tuesday.

Oct 11(Translated by Google Translate)

  • 我演示了如何從觀測繪製的肖像。
  • 對於這幅畫像的夫人X Sargeants畫的拷貝,我們,我們的重點是感知的邊緣,空間和瞄準的關係(負)。
  • 上週二,我們將繼續努力在課堂上這些畫像。