Week 9

Week 9 :

Tuesday, October 23

Continuation of Discussion about perception of light and dark.

  • The fourth kind perception that we need to discuss is the perception of light and dark. Light and dark contrast is often reffered to as "value" contrast. When we refer to somethings value, we are referring to how light or dark it is.
  • Perception of value (light and dark) is how we percieve space and form. If there is no light or if everything is equally lit from all angles, we won't see space or form.
  • If we are able to see and draw values accurately we will be able to create an accurate illusion of objects in space.
  • We spent the majority of class today working in pairs to grid and enlarge a black and white portrait. This exercise is meant to emphasize the importance of seeing and translating proportions when we enlarge an image. It will also help us to simplify what we are seeing into three distinct values. This helps us to see larger shapes created by areas of similar value. We can site these shapes and use them to see proportions and relationships.

Oct 23 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 第四種看法,即我們要討論的是光明與黑暗的看法。光與暗的對比,本文稱作“價值”的對比。當我們提及到出頭的值,我們指的是亮或暗的,它是。
  • 感知價值(光明與黑暗)是,我們如何percieve空間和形式。如果沒有光,如果一切都從各個角度同樣點燃,我們將不會看到太空或形式。
  • 如果我們能夠看到並畫值準確,我們將能夠建立一個準確的物體在空間的錯覺。
  • 今天我們花費了多數類工作對電網和放大的黑白肖像。這是為了強調運動的重要性,看到和翻譯的比例,當我們放大圖像時,。它也將幫助我們簡化了我們所看到的,分為三個不同的值。這將有助於我們看到創建的形狀同等價值的領域。我們現場的形狀和使用他們看到的比例和關係。

Thursday, October 25

Continuation of large portrait drawings in groups.

  • To draw things that appear 3 dimensional we need to practice perceiving and drawing light and dark (value).
  • "Light Logic" means having consistent light and shadow relationships throughout a drawing. For example if the lighting on the nose contradicts the lighting on the hair - then the image will not make sense and will feel flat.
  • Creating light logic in our drawing by blocking in general value relationships is more important (and more difficult) than drawing accurate details. Without light logic as a foundation we will not be able to achieve a convincing illusion of form and space.
  • HOMEWORK: Finish your portraits and the copy of the drawing I handed out in class last week. It was due today but we didn't have time to talk about is so you have another weekend.
  • HOMEWORK: Bring $20 with you to class on Tuesday to pay for additional supplies.

Oct 25 (Translated by Google Translate)

  • 要畫的東西出現3維的,我們需要在實踐中感知和繪畫光明與黑暗(值)。
  • “光邏輯”是指整個繪圖具有一致的光線和陰影的關係。例如,如果在鼻子上的燈光照明矛盾在頭髮上 - 然後將圖像不會使感和手感平平。
  • 在我們的繪圖創建光邏輯更重要的是通過阻斷一般價值的關係(和更加困難)比繪製準確的細節。沒有光的邏輯為基礎,我們將無法實現一個有說服力的形式和空間的錯覺。
  • 作業:完成您的肖像和複製的繪圖上週我在課堂中分發。這是今天到期,但我們沒有時間談論的是你有其他的週末。
  • 作業:將$20,你課堂上週二支付額外的供應。

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