Week 13

Our model today was Ariella Cohen (and...me for the first 15 minutes). Walking around during the first long pose I noticed a lot of you were not getting the nice curving gesture of the pose. I have talked a lot about focusing on the position of shoulders and hips in relation to each other - these landmarks will often help you see the gesture of a pose. Another way of talking about gesture is in terms of "stretch" and "compress".

This is an idea focused on a lot in animation. Whenever a person is not standing straight up you are going to find a side of the body that is being stretched and the opposite side being compressed. The challenge some of you faced is that you were looking at the curve from the side so really you did not see a curving gesture line. You did however see either the compressed side or stretched side of the pose.

Giving some indication of that stretching or compressing will help imply the curving gesture of the pose even from a side view. The youtube video I am imbedding in this post talks about stretch and compress and suggests a good way to practice seeing and drawing the gesture of a pose. 

Excellent drawings today. Our model was a little late so I didn't want to take any time for a demo or critique. I saw a lot of great drawings though. Take a look in the image gallery below.