Week 2

Today our model was David Abercrombie. I still haven't scheduled our model for next week but the last two weeks of class our model will be Nicole Strafaci. 

In class today I suggested that you focus on how the the neck connects the head to the torso. I was seeing a lot of heads precariously balanced on shoulders or floating in space. We often see the neck from a highly foreshortened angle so it can be tricky to draw. Often times we just leave it out. 

Try to see the neck as a cylinder running between the head and torso. It helps to draw in the circles on both ends of that cylinder where to come into contact with the head or torso. See below for some examples. 

I also mentioned the differences between vine charcoal and compressed charcoal (sticks and pencils). The main thing to remember is that vine charcoal has no adhesive - you are just rubbing burnt twig off on the paper. Compressed charcoal is black powder that has been combined with a glue, compressed and extruded. This means vine is easy to wipe off and it doesn't tend to be as dark while compressed charcoal is harder to remove and makes darker lines.

You can find more information about charcoal HERE.

Great work today. Let me know if you have any questions or requests HERE.


We do not get a sense for how the cylinder of the neck connects with the torso.  

This is a good example of showing how the cylinder of the neck connects with the head and torso. Practice seeing and drawing that cylinder.