Week 3

My demo drawing from class.

Our model today was Delana Miller. I brought the soft box light again today with a brighter light plugged into it. It seemed to give off enough light so I am planning on using it again next class. Let me know if you would prefer that I use the classroom spot light. I prefer the softer light and shadow of the soft box but don't mind switching back if you all prefer. 

I demonstrated Pan Pastels in class today. You can visit their website HERE. I will also include some links below to the product on Amazon. They are compatible with any chalk pastel. Hopefully you got a feel for the unique kinds of marks and blending you can get with Pan Pastels that really aren't possible with chalk sticks. I really enjoy using them. 

In class I also mentioned the value reversal artists often use in the negative space around a portrait to help emphasize both the highlight and shadow sides of the face. Look at the examples below. Notice that the background is dark behind the highlight on the face and light behind the shadow of the face. It is a really effective way to make the portrait pop a little more and to make the negative space more interesting.

Nicole Strafaci will be our model for the next two weeks.