Week 4

Nicole Strafaci was our model today and will be again next week. 

In class I talked a little about the importance of gesture drawing. It is not only a way to warm up. Being able to see and draw the over-all movement of a pose is difficult. Our natural tendency is to straighten things out, make things symmetrical and even. This  can really take the life out of a drawing. 

Beginning a drawing with a gesture line can help counteract the tendency to straighten things up. So gesture drawing is an important skill to develop. Hopefully we can keep the energy and movement of our quick gesture drawings as we develop more detail and finish. 

I showed you a book of Robert Fawcett drawings and also demonstrated making gesture drawings with ink and paint brush (then I called you back and made some highlights with some white gouache I found on my palette).

We finished class with a 10 minute pose where I asked you to let loose a little and let yourself try something different.

Great drawings today!