Week 4

Our model today was David Abercrombie. We didn't have a demonstration today but a couple things that came up while I was walking around:

  1. Pastel or charcoal blends better when you have a layer of pastel already on the surface you are drawing on. When you draw on a fresh piece of paper and try to soften an area you are not really blending as much as you are smudging. If you have a layer of chalk dust already on the surface and you try to soften an area you have material there to blend into. Both blending and smudging have their uses but for smoother skin surfaces blending will usually get the best result.
  2. Practice seeing and defining over-all highlight areas and over-all shadow areas. In order to get the feeling that the figure has volume (and is not just a relief sculpture) you need to establish those larger value relationships before you get to more localized highlights and shadows. All the lighter values in the shadow area of the drawing rarely/never get as light as the lightest values in the highlight area of the drawing. If they do your "light logic" will fall apart and the drawing will look flat. 

Please let me know if you have a big piece of fabric that could be used to cover the model stand. I am looking for solid color or simple pattern fabrics - nothing busy or brightly colored.