Week 5

Today was the last day of class. Thanks everyone for a great winter term. Todays drawings were the best yet! Take a look at the gallery below. 

I mentioned at the beginning of class that much of the movement in a pose depends on or is a result of the positioning of the hips and shoulders. Pay attention to whether or not one hip or shoulder is higher or lower. If the model is putting most of her weight on one leg then the hip on that side will usually sit higher than the other hip that is more relaxed. The shoulder on the relaxed side of the body will usually be higher than the shoulder on the weight-bearing side which is what results in a common cotrapposto pose.

At the end of class I talked about the important of value in creating a believable illusion of 3D space. Remember if any part of your drawing is lighter than the highlight - your highlight will not feel like a highlight. What this means is that everything except the highlight should have some amount of charcoal on it (if you are working on white paper). 

Below I have included a video about drawing contrapposto poses. It is too long and wordy but worth skimming. 




Some good art apps for the iPad and iPhone are: Procreate, Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, and Paper