Week 8

Today our model was David Abercrombie. 

In my demonstration I wanted to introduce you to a new product that I am really excited about. It is a paper made by Arches that can be painted on with oil paint without needing gesso or any kind of primer. Normally you wouldn't want to paint on raw paper with oil paint because the oil is acidic and will ruin paper over time. This paper has been created in a way that protects the paper fibers from oil medium. 

I also wanted to demonstrate "drawing" with paint. With a paint brush you have a much wider range of line at your disposal than you can get with pencil or other traditional drawing implements. One of the things this allows is the ability to address whole shapes or masses at a time instead of drawing contour lines. 

In my demonstration I used a 1/4 inch brush with thinned out Burnt Umber. With the brush I was able to do the usual stick-figure and anchor-point approach but I could also paint in the whole shape of the arm in with one stroke of the brush or even scrub in the whole shape of the torso. In this way I can see see proportions in terms of shapes instead of lines. It is a different way of seeing and approaching a drawing. 

Once I had blocked the whole figure in as solid dark shapes I used white paint to start modeling the specific anatomy within those shapes. Oil paint dries slowly so you have plenty of time to blend colors. 

We don't do very long poses so it is not practical to expect to finish a very polished painting but it is a great way to draw.