Week 1

First day of class is always a little hectic and crowded but we still managed to come up with some great drawings. 

In my demo today I talked about seeing and maintaining the movement or gesture of a pose. I made a short video below going through some of the things I talked about in my demo. We have a strong tendency to straighten things up, square shoulders and face the figure directly at us. This tendency takes the life out of a pose if we are not careful. 

When you start a drawing it can be very helpful to make a very light gesture line to have as a point of reference throughout the drawing. Having that line there will help you see when you are straightening the pose out. 

Next I showed you generally how I construct a drawing. I often see people going straight to drawing the contour lines of the figure - the edges or outlines of the body. This makes sense but is a very difficult way to draw. For most people (myself included) it is much easier to start a drawing by locating "landmarks" like shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles.

If we focus on where those points are in relation to one another we don't have to think about complex contour shapes and confusing foreshortening. We can trick our brain into drawing what we see and not what we know is there but can't actually see. Start by creating a simple stick figure skeleton. Another benefit working this way is that it is much easier to move a point than it is to move a completed contour shape. So you can move more quickly and not get attached to detail too soon. 

Watch the video below for a review of my class demo. 

Today was a great start to the semester. Please let me know if there is something you would like me to demonstrate or help you with. Also feel free to ask me to take pictures of drawings you are happy with. People enjoy being able to see what you've done. Check out some of todays drawings below.