Week 4

Our model today was Peggy Moore. Last week someone requested that I do a demonstration using chalk pastel so for the demonstration today I walked you through some basics. A couple things worth repeating here:

  1. Drawing on toned paper makes it easier to quickly establish highlights because the paper itself isn't the lightest value. With white paper your highlights won't really be convincing until you cover every bit of paper that is not a highlight with a darker value.  
  2. Start your drawing by putting down a thin layer of a mid-value warm neutral (brown). Having some chalk on the paper to start with will make it easier to blend subsequent layers of color. Brown is a good middle ground for skin tones that won't get in your way as you develop the drawing. 
  3. Periodically, especially at the start of a drawing, I will take a dry paper towel and wipe down the whole drawing. This helps get rid of the noise that can build up as I am figuring out proportions and adjusting contour lines. It also has the psychological effect of keeping me from getting too attached to things at the start of the drawing. Finally it is a good way to start building up more chalk on the paper which you need to get smooth blending and a good range of mid-tones. 

Great drawing today! Remember next week is our last class for the summer.