Week 5

Our model today was Susan Mesches. I didn't do a demonstration today but during the critique I mentioned something I did in the morning class that I think is worth repeating here.

In the morning class I messed up several student drawings by scrubbing them thoroughly with a dry paper towel (with their permission). This is something I regularly do with my beginning drawing class and it is also part of my own drawing process. Three reasons I gave you for this being a helpful practice are:

  1. It spreads some value into the negative space (background) of your drawing so when you start adding highlights they will actually be highlights because the area around them will be at least slightly darker.
  2. At the beginning of a drawing when you are trying to establish correct proportions and contour lines you will tend to draw several lines close together or makes excess marks. Scrubbing your drawing will blend those repeated lines together and the average of all those lines will often be more accurate than any one line by itself. It is easier to see what you are doing when you get rid of some of that visual noise. 
  3. I personally feel the act of scrubbing a drawing helps keep me from getting too attached to any one part of the drawing. This is especially important at the beginning of a drawing. This will make it easier to see and correct problems. It will also keep you from getting too detailed too soon because the scrubbing will get rid of most of the details. 

It was a great summer session! I saw improvement and felt like the drawings we put on the wall today were the best yet. Thanks to all of you for working hard! I hope to see you in the Fall. 



The last 11 images in this image gallery were taken with a different camera which I think had a filter on because the color is really off. I apologize for the inaccuracy. My mistake.