Week 1

Week 1 :

Monday, August 27

Introductions, Materials list, Video Release

  • Today in class we talked about a wide range of surfaces that are avaialable for you to make art work on (see below). Choosing an appropriate surface to work on is very important.
  • The cost of a surface can significantly impact your work. Expensive materials are nice to work with and are often necessary. They can also act as a barrier if they become too precious so consider starting with inexpensive surfaces to minimize the pressure of preciousness.
  • Before next class take some time to sit down and write a description of what you would like to accomplish in this class. Be as specific as possible. List the materials, techniques and subject matter you want to work with.
  • Bring any supplies you need to get started with you to our next class. If you aren't sure what you need, send me an email and tell me what your ideas are.


Canva Pad

Canva-Paper is paper stamped with a canvas texture. It's cheaper than canvas but not as durable. Works well for Acrylic painting and collage. 

Canvas Pad is a pad of sheets of actual canvas that is gessoed and ready to paint on. Good for acrylic, oil, collage etc.

Watercolor block is a stack of watercolor paper that has been glued on all four sides to help keep the paper flat. On one side there is a break in the glue where you can slide in a palette knife to remove the top sheet. 

Crescent Illustration Board comes in varying thicknesses. No.16 is adequate for many applications costs about one dollar. It can be primed with matte medium or gesso.

Print-making papers are high quality, archival art papers. They can be primed with matte medium or gesso. Some common brands include: RivesStonehengeArches and Somerset.

Birch Plywood Panel can be bought cradled (mounted on a wood frame) or not. You can also buy them pre-primed. Artist and Craftsman Supply has good quality and  inexpensive cradled birch panels. 

Art Board is basically cradled primed 1/8" or 1/4"masonite. Some are specially primed for specific mediums like watercolor, pastel or encaustic. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are usually NOT cheap. 

Masonite Panel comes is many shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Double or single tempered, primed or unprimed. You can also buy it in large quantity at a lumber yard. It can a great,  relatively inexpensive option. I have found that the corners damage easily.

Ink-Jet-Printer-ready canvas will work in your home ink-jet printer. If you want to paint your printed image you would probably want to seal it first with an acrylic varnish or medium so the printed image doesn't blur. You can also print on metal