Week 1

Week 1 : Monday, February 11

Today we discussed what this class will cover. Our focus will be mixed-media/collage. I will demonstrate various materials and techniques that you might find helpful but will not require you to follow a set class project. 

While I will have suggestions for projects you can work on, I would prefer that you choose a subject matter that you care about. Come to class with an idea of what you would like to say with you art and we will talk about which approach might work best.

I demonstrated my preferred technique for glueing down paper without getting buckling or bubbles. The basic idea: you need to get both sides of the collage element AND the surface you are gluing to wet with a generous amount of matte medium BEFORE you lay your collage element down. We discussed some of the factors to consider when choosing a glue or surface to collage onto. 

A good all-around adhesive is acrylic matte medium. It is basically acrylic paint without any pigment. I demonstrated using "watercolor block" as a surface to collage on. Watercolor paper works well for collage because it is thick, relatively cheap and well suited to getting wet without buckling too much. 

NO CLASS NEXT WEEK!! It is Presidents Day.