Week 10

Today was the third and final day spent on our current project. This project was all about how to create the illusion of 3D space. We have talked about overlapping, size variation, atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, light logic and today I talked a little about some visual cues that come from photography.

A photographer can set a camera to have a small or large area be in focus. The further something is from that area of focus the fuzzier it will be - regardless if it is closer or further from the camera lens.

Our familiarity with these visual cues of photography mean that we can invoke them even in non-representational artwork. In my demonstration I used the letter M. I had already established a fairly clear focal point in my composition last week, so I decided to reinforce that point with this idea of photography focal length. The two "M"s I have near the focal point are in "focus" and the "M"s that are either closer or further from the in-focus "M"s get blurry. I also use size variation. 

I created the image of all the "M"s in photoshop and printed them out on a laser printer. The technique I used to apply the "M"s to my collage from last class is called "Photo-transfer". See below for a couple videos I made demonstrating this technique.  

NEXT WEEK: we will be starting a new project. In my demonstration I will be making a portrait. If you would like to follow along bring a photograph of a portrait you would like to work from. While I am going to be making a portrait that actually looks like a face, you can choose to do a an abstract portrait. You will be able to employ the techniques I demonstrate whether you do a face or not. Either way bring any collage materials you would like to use to create a mixed media portrait and bring a new surface to work on. I will be starting with fairly straight forward collage in my first demo. So be prepared to start collaging. 


These are two videos demonstrating photo-transfer. The first is the "how to" video and the second is the "why you would do this" video.