Week 11

Week 11 :

Monday, November 5

Demonstration of masking using frisket film.

  • Frisket film is a great way to create masks. You can trace elements from one source to design a mask or cut the mask based on a given composition.

Frisket Film

is perhaps most commonly used for airbrushing. It is essentially a transparent sticker. You can buy it in rolls and sheets - you can get it really big if you want. It is also available with different levels of stickiness. If you are working on a delicate surface and don't want the frisket film to pull something off the surface you can get low-tack film. Higher tack will get you a sharper mask.

To make a mask you can cover your surface with Frisket Film and cut out the areas you want to expose using a very sharp xacto knife. You can also cut the mask first as then apply it to your surface but it can be tricky to place the mask exactly where you need it after it is cut.