Week 11

This was the final week on this project. In my demonstration I talked about glueing three dimensional objects onto your collage. There are many considerations to make when gluing 3D object. If you are gluing a piece of metal onto a collage you would want to make sure you clean it really well before glueing, first with paint thinner and then  alcohol to remove and and other oils. You would also want to consider the weight of the object and how sturdy your surface is. With non-porous materials like metal or plastic it is also a good idea to rough them up a little with some high-grit sandpaper so the glue has some tooth to grab onto. For heavy, non-porous objects you might want to consider an epoxy glue or crazy glue or liquid nails - something strong. 

For my demonstration I was glueing a straw and some foam so hot glue was sufficient and convenient. There are so many different materials and applications that it is impossible to cover everything in one demonstration so come talk to me if you aren't sure about a specific material you are working with.

Next week we will start a new project. I would like to do a project where we combine two or more photographs into a cohesive, believable, representational space/scene. So bring an image of one or more landscapes or cityscapes and one or more people or things or animals to put into that space. I am going to talk about ways to reconcile differences in lighting and perspective.