Week 12

This week I talked about how to use acrylic paint to start adding some highlight and shadow to the face. By mixing a little color with matte medium you can get varying levels of transparency. I built up several layers of transparent light and dark values to start adding three dimension to the head and face.

Another thing I was able to address with the layers of transparent paint was areas of high contrast that were distracting and creating unintentional focal points. I used the paint to light or darken areas of hight contrast, like a dark spot in a newspaper image. 

One thing I wanted to emphasize with this project (something I often focus on) is that there are many ways to alter or manipulate collage elements to meet our needs. It is easy to take the mindset that we have to use things as we find them. 

The things I demonstrated are just as applicable to creating abstract images. Use layers of transparent acrylic paint to reduce some of the noise of collage elements or to alter the value or color of parts of your composition. Painting transparent layers is called "glazing". 

NEXT WEEK: I will be doing more glazing but with oil paint. There are a few glazing techniques that work best with oil paint. I will have some paint for you to experiment with if you do not have your own oil paint.