Week 13

Today was the third demonstration on this portrait. I wasn't able to get as much done as I had wanted before the demonstration but hopefully you got the idea of how I used the black and white acrylic to suppress some of the collage texture and establish the basic highlights and shadows of the face. 

Today I used oil paint to glaze on some skin tone color and to further develop the details of the face. Glazing can be used in combination with opaque techniques. For the highlights I used a more opaque white to make them stand out more. 

You can glaze with acrylic paint using matte medium to make your colors more transparent but as always the fast drying time really makes it difficult to get smooth blends and transitions. If you try glazing with acrylic err on the side of being too transparent because you can always add more layers. Once you get too opaque you can't  pull it back. 

I still have a lot of work to do on the portrait of my daughter. I will continue to refine details and add color with oil paint.  I will bring the finished painting in to class when I am done. 

NEXT WEEK: we will not have class. 

IN TWO WEEKS: will be our final day of class for this semester. I am going to bring in wax for you to experiment with. We will also have a short critique at the end of class.