Week 3

Week 3 :

Monday, September 10

Come prepared with a written description of what you would like to accomplish in this class. Also come ready with the materials you need to get started. Keep it simple to begin with.

  • Vote "YES" on prop 30. I've included details below on both Prop 30 and 35. One detail worth highlighting is that, according to Catherine, only ONE of the two propositions will pass, they are "mutually exclusive". The info below was provided by an Emeritus student and seems to come from a "Consumer Federation of California" (CFC) site, so it is biased. So do your research and make your own choice. Of course I would selfishly suggest you vote yes on Prop 30 so we can keep Emeritus open.
  • As we discussed last class I would like you to write down a specific goal for what you would like to achieve in this class - or even just a small goal of what you want to start off with. Set a number of pieces you will complete (3-5 is a good start). Choose a set size and surface you will work with. Finally choose a specific subject matter to start with. The more focused you can be the better. We can always branch off to new things, but first we just need to get the ball rolling.
  • Come to class ready to work next week. I will be doing a demo (probably a photo-transfer technique). You should be ready with whatever you need to start. Email me if you are having trouble knowing where to begin
  • If you are interested in making a website let me know. I charge $50/hour. It would take me about two hours to get you set up with a very functional and attractive online portfolio. With more time I could add more customized graphics and functionality.

The following is an email exchange between Emeritus faculty Catherine Tirr and one of her students regarding Prop 30 & 35 which will be included on the election ballot on November 6. Read carefully and go vote!. 

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for letting us know about this. I did a little online research and here is what the Consumer Federation of California recommends. I'm sure there are other opinions but this is a start. I lean toward Prop 30 which is championed by Governor Brown and seems more inclusive to me.

Position on 2012 Ballot Measure Propositions

CFC Supports Proposition 30: Restores Education Funding

Provides $8.5 billion a year in funding to public schools, public colleges and universities and public safety programs. Raises personal income taxes for seven years on individuals earning over $250,000 per year and couples earning over $500,000 per year filing joint returns. Temporary ¼% sales tax increase for four years. Without this initiative, K-12 education, community colleges, CSU and UC face devastating cuts. While the recession has squeezed middle class incomes, the concentration of wealth at the very top has increased. Prop 30 asks the top 2% of income earners to pay a bit more to keep schools and colleges open.

CFC Opposes Proposition 38: Tax Hike on Working Poor and Middle Class

Funded by a billionaire, Prop 38 would raise taxes on low and moderate income Californians to fund early childhood and K-12 education. Perhaps well-intended, Prop 38 fails the test of tax fairness. It punishes poor Californians who are struggling to survive by permanently raising taxes on taxable incomes as low as $7,316 a year. The measure provides no funding for community colleges and public universities. It stands in sharp contrast to Prop 30, which targets the top 2% of income earners for a temporary tax hike to fund K-12 schools and public higher education.

Here's a link to the above information in the newsletter:  http://www.consumercal.org/downloads/CFC_Summer_2012_FINAL.pdf

I also found some interesting information about who is behind Prop 38 at KCET. Here's the link: http://www.kcet.org/news/ballotbrief/elections2012/propositions/database-whos-funding-prop-38-munger-tax-for-early-education.html

On Sep 7, 2012 Catherine Tirr wrote:

This morning (9-7-2012), Ron Furuyama, the Dean of Emeritus College, visited the classrooms to announce the cancelation of the winter semester at both Emeritus AND Santa Monica Colleges. He further mentioned that on November 6 the election ballot will include Prop 30, which supposedly would improve the financial situation of colleges, including Santa Monica's and Emeritus, as well as Prop.38 which would do the same for classes K-12 only. Apparently, they are both mutually exclusive, meaning only that which draws the most votes will be adopted. Your vote, your choice.

Please feel free to pass this along to all you feel might be interested.

These are sad times indeed !


Artist Hughie O'Donoghue makes large mixed media paintings that I think are wonderful. He is represented by Marlborough Gallery.