Week 3

We did not have class last week because of Labor Day so this is week 3 but only our second class.  

Last class I asked you to go home and gather anything that might give you insight into what you would like to accomplish in this class. I also asked you to write a brief description of what you intend to complete by the end of the semester. Finishing is an important part of creating and I want you to be committed to completing a set amount of work. 

For my demonstration I used Nick as an example. He wrote a brief explanation about wanting to use stamps and maps. He also knew he wanted to work on a large piece of watercolor paper. That is plenty to start with. We talked about several different directions Nick could take this simple combination of elements. Having the actual physical maps, stamps and paper in front of me I was able to experiment with different arrangements and start to figure out what it was that I found compelling about those materials.   

I suggested that art making is a process of experimentation and discovery. Too often there is an expectation that we need to know what we want to make before we start and rigidly stick to that initial inception. Making art can be a great way to learn more about the subject matter and find new meaning if you loosen your grip on a pre-determined final result.  

So you were to take the stuff you have brought to class and start arranging, removing and refining the ideas that compelled you to bring the stuff to class. I can't stress enough that having the actual physical objects, pieces of paper, written notes, color swatches etc. is essential. This is a good first step in getting those ephemeral feelings, ideas and visions out of your head and into the real world.  

NEXT WEEK: we will talk more about how to refine your ideas into a single coherent piece. Bring all the materials you will need and everything you began in class today.   

Some works-in-progress from class: