Week 3

Today we reviewed a little of what we had discussed last class. For this first project I want you to try and keep your ideas very simple. Choose a couple basic elements/themes to give you a structure to work with. I decided to use only blue straight lines for my two collages.

When you have chosen one or two basic elements like this I want you to focus on this idea: too much unity (same-ness) is boring and too much variety (chaos) is inaccessible which is often equally problematic to a viewer.  You need to find a balance between the two. As you gather collage elements that fit within the parameters you have chosen, try to force yourself to find variety within those parameters. In my example I found a variety of blues, cut a variety of thicknesses of line, cut some and tore some, had some cross the entire composition and some break, overlapped some etc. etc. 

Simple parameters and trying to balance unity and variety. That's all I want you to focus on for this first collage.

Next week I am going to talk about some basic principles of visual design. I will be using the same collage I was working on today for my demonstration. We will also have a critique of these first collages, so come prepared.