Week 4

Week 4 :

Monday, September 17

Come prepared to start your first project. If you don't know what your first project is send me an email with some ideas and let's figure it out before class!

  • I demonstrated a photo-transfer technique using "Citrasolv" which is marketed as a household cleaner and can be purchased at grocery stores and hardware stores.
  • To make a transfer using this technique you must have a toner-based image to transfer. This means your image must either be a photocopy or be printed on a "laser" printer. Ink jet printers will not work for this particular process.
  • Put your toner-based image face down onto the surface you are transfering to, brush citrasolv onto the back of the image and rub the back of the image with a hard, smooth object like a spoon. The pressure is necessary to transfer the image.
  • You can also experiment with puting citrasolv on the surface you transfer to BEFORE you put your toner-based image down. You could also put citrasolv on both sides of the image. Take time to experiement with different ways until you find which yields the best results.
  • NEXT WEEK: I will be demonstrating how to glue collage elements to a surface without getting buckling. Bring some acrylic matte medium with you to class if you would like to participate.

I only recently found out about Citrasolv. Someone from their company left me a comment on one of my YouTube videos suggesting that I try their product. They sent me a sample and it seems to work very well for transfers. 

In the past I have done transfers using a similar technique with solvents like lacquer thinner and acetone, but as you can imagine I didn't feel like it was worth exposing myself to those chemicals for any length of time. 

Citrasolv gets similar results but it is not toxic. In fact it's intended use is as a household cleaner. The smell is pretty strong though, so it is still a good idea to use it in a well ventilated area. It will only work with toner-based images.

For more info and samples of artwork made with Citrasolv visit the page on their site that they have dedicated to artists. Click HERE.