Week 4

This was our last week working on our first project. There was no real demonstration, rather we talked more about your projects and the ways you are finding to develop your artwork.  

We ended the class with a critique and I was impressed by the work you have done so far. Somehow I forgot to take pictures, but everyone did an excellent job. I was most encouraged by how you all appear to be developing you ideas into finished pieces. Great work! 

Next week we will start a new three-week project. I am going to demonstrate how to use plaster to build up a textured surface. I will provide the plaster but you will need to bring some kind of rigid support - a piece of masonite or birch plywood or art board etc. Something that won't bend or buckle. What I am going to demonstrate is really easy to do and I think you will really like it.  

As we begin a new project don't forget all the we have been talking about regarding developing ideas and subject matter. I always want you to be making work that reflects something meaningful to you. The materials and techniques I demonstrate are just tools to help you express or explore your own ideas and subject matter.