Week 5

Today I demonstrated a product I really like called Plast'r Craft. It is essentially cheese cloth that is coated in plaster. All you need to do is get it wet and smooth it onto a rigid support (masonite or birch ply) and let it harden. Once it gets wet and dries it will cure and not re-wet.  

In my demonstration I showed you some of the many ways you can use this material to create a textured surface. You can apply it just as a plaster coating, but you can also use it to create thick textures and 3D relief elements. I used a cradled panel to mold a box that I then attached to a plywood panel. I also created an interesting 3D shape by applying the plaster strips to a piece of aluminum foil that I had shaped. 

Hopefully you got a feel for what is possible. It is very easy to work with a creates a thin hard shell that is strong without being heavy.  

NEXT WEEK: we will continue working on this project so make sure you bring it with you. I am going to be demonstrating how to use a variety or acrylic mediums to paint on the layer of plaster. Bring your acrylic paints if you have any. I will provide you with the mediums that I demonstrate, so you will be able to participate even if you don't have acrylic paints of your own. The lab fee you gave me today will help pay for the acrylic paint I bring next week.  


I started molding a box with plaster using a cradled panel then attached it to another panel with more plaster strips. 

Texture I got by applying plaster strips to shaped aluminum foil.