Week 6

Week 6 :

Monday, October 1

I will be demonstrating some ways to bridge the gap between photographic and non-photographic collage elements.

  • I did not do a typical demonstration today. Instead we looked at the pieces of three of our fellow class memebers. My instent was to discuss the unique challenges of integration that we need to address when combining disparate collage elements into a unified composition.
  • Photography and painting are two different visual languages so when we put them together in a collage we need to be especially aware of how we are or aren't inegrating them.
  • How can you create visual transitions that can help tie together two very differnt kinds of visual information? Sometimes it is enough to have the different elements be similar colors or shapes so a viewer can see a clear visual relationship. We talked about several other ways you can tie the different elements of your composition together.
  • Sometimes you want things to be very separate and distinct. We talked a little bit about balancing unity and variety: too much unity is boring and too much variety is chaotic and perhaps equaly off-putting to the viewer. We need to find a balance if we are going to engage a viewer.
  • I mentioned an exhibit in Culver City at Blum and Poe gallery. The artist does an amazing job of merging a ton of visually disparate elements into a cohesive composition. I think it's well worth seeing. I have included more information about the gallery below.

Friedrich Kunath exhibit at Blum & Poe gallery in Culver City. Great exhibit - go see it!