Week 6

Today I demonstrated five different acrylic mediums that can be used to get a really wide range of effects.  

The plaster surface that we developed last week has some very unique visual qualities that I discussed as some length. If you do not like the plaster look you can seal it with gesso or matte medium and get the paint quality you would expect with a gessoed canvas.  

The four mediums I demonstrated are: airbrush medium (most watery), Novaplex 235 (very watery), Novaplex 233 (watery), Nova gel (thick and transparent), and lightweight texture paste (thick and opaque white). The different consistencies will offer different ways to manipulate paint. You can get some really soft watercolor effects with the airbrush paints and medium. The thicker mediums give you a way to continue to develop the surface texture - or maybe to get rid of some of the surface texture of the plaster strips. Of course you can combine them all too in any number of ways.  

NEXT WEEK: will be the final class for this project. I will continue developing the same piece using many of the same materials, but a different technique. Come prepared with any supplies you need and the project we have been working on these past two classes.