Week 7

This was the third and final week working on our plaster project. For the demonstration I talked about different kinds of masking. Masking is basically when we put something on the surface of our painting to protect it from being altered by paint or anything else.

The two main kinds of masks that I talked about are adhesive masks and floating masks.

What I am calling "adhesive" masks involve the use of a material that has a sticky (adhesive) side. For example if you use masking tape one side of the tape is sticky and helps keep the tape in place and also provides more protection. In addition to masking tape there are many other kinds of tapes, films, stickers, sprays etc. etc. that can be used to create an adhesive mask.   

A "floating" mask is when you use a material that has not adhesive to create a mask. For example if I wrap my painting in string and then spray paint the surface, then string will create a barrier (mask) that will keep the paint from hitting the parts that are covered by string. Torn paper, cloth, cut stencils etc etc. - there are also many options for "floating" masks. In my demo I tore a piece of paper palette to create a chevron-ish shape and then used a brush to gently dabb paint across the painting where I had the mask sitting. I repeated the same process, moving the floating masks a little each time and I got a nice pattern of chevron-ish shapes moving down my painting.  

By the end of the class I had completely re-painted my demo painting, so you will see no evidence of my demonstration in the pictures but I'll post pictures anyway:) 

NEXT WEEK: we will be talking about how to create "space" in your collages. I want you to come having thought about a kind of space you are interested in making art about. It could be a literal kind of space like a landscape or architectural space or it could be something more abstract or metaphorical like internal space or psychological space. Bring any supplies you want to work with and any collage materials you think will help you create your chosen type of space.