Week 8

David Hockney A Bigger Splash 1967 Acrylic on Canvas

Last week I asked you to bring four or five copies of the same image with you to class today. For my demonstration I brought five copies of this painting by David Hockney. I asked you to make four separate collages using only the copies of your one image. You could use one or all of your copies and you could use one or all of the copies in a single collage as long as you ended up with four different collages. I also asked you to make the collages smaller than your copies so you would have more than enough material to work with.

For these collages I asked you to focus on a specific principle of design: concentration. This is not the "thinking hard" kind of concentration. I am referring to the distribution of the elements in your composition. So having a lot of things close together is high concentration and having things spread out is low concentration. I want you to think about how you can use differing levels of concentration to create visual interest and communicate what is important in your composition. Our eyes tend to gravitate to places of high concentration and pass more easily over more open (less concentrated) areas. Use these collages as a chance to experiment with this principle of visual design.   You can see the two collages I made from David Hockney's image below. 

Next week we do not have class because of Spring Break. The following week we will continue developing these collages so make sure you bring them with you. Bring all your usual supplies and I will supply any new materials you will need for the next step.