Week 9

Week 9 :

Monday, October 22

Discussion about how to decide what to do.

  • REMINDER: I am offering 3 winter workshops starting January 7. They will be at my home studio in West LA (Bundy and Santa Monica Blvd.). Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 am - noon. Email me if you are interested or have questions.
  • We talked a while during class about how to decide what to do. When you can do anything you want, it can be difficult to get started. I read a quote from "Art and Fear" (see below).

...we don’t learn much about making art from being moved by it. Making art is bound by where we are, and the experience of art we have as viewers is not a reliable guide to where we are. As viewers we readily experience the power of ground on which we cannot stand - yet that very experience can be so compelling that we may feel almost honor-bound to make art that recaptures that power. Or more dangerously, feel tempted to use the same techniques, the same subjects, the same symbols as appear in the work that aroused our passion - to barrow, in effect, a charge from another time and place.

— David Bayles ~ Art & Fear

Download this chapter from Art & Fear HERE.