Week 9

Today was our second class on this project. In my demonstration I continued our discussion about space. Last week week we talked about some ways we can create the illusion of 3 dimensional space. The three we discussed specifically were: overlapping, size variation and atmospheric perspective.  

Today I went into more depth about atmospheric perspective and also how value can be used to create space. Generally speaking when there is more "atmosphere" or moisture in the air things farther from the viewer will appear: 1. lighter in value 2. less saturated 3. cooler in color temperature 4. lower contrast 5. less focused or detailed (fuzzier).  

We can use those visual cues to create the illusion of more space even with our image is abstract. In my demo I tried to use many of these things to create the illusion of depth. Two ways to achieve these visual characteristics of atmospheric perspective are 1. Collaging layers of semi-transparent white tissue paper on the areas you want to appear more distant and 2. using a high-grit sand paper to rough up the image.

NEXT WEEK: we will continue to talk about space. Make sure to bring the projects you worked on in class today.