Week 1

Week 1 :

Wednesday, August 29

Materials overview, landscape painting intro.

  • New attention rule: I will not come assist you upon request until after I make one trip around the room. After one time around the room I will go first to the people who have written their name on the chalk board. I think this will help ensure everyone gets a chance to get some help. Please help me keep this rule.
  • I will be posting links, videos and other information on this site that is relevant to what we discuss in class. I will also post what we will be doing in class the following week so you can prepare accordingly.
  • Please pay the $5 lab fee as soon as you can. Gloria will be collecting that in class and will mark you down as having paid.
  • Class Demo: For the first couple classes this semester I would like to have everyone work from the same image. In some ways this makes it easier to learn from each other because it is easy to see how different people are solving the same problems.
  • In past semesters demonstrations (and in my own work) I have taken a much more planned approach in making paintings. For this one I thought I would try to show you a different , equally valid, way to approach painting that is much less predetermined. Below I have posted our class demonstration and another video I thought would be instructive.
  • This week we are just roughly laying down colors, getting a feel for color scheme and not worrying too much about the specific content of the image. Just general areas of color. Next week we will start to refine shapes, proportions etc. Don't worry if it doesn't look like much yet!

Download the landscape reference photograph we are painting from HERE. 

What I want you to notice here is how little he defines the elements of the painting in the beginning. At first he is just blocking in very general areas of color and does not spend time trying to get the drawing right. He refines the shapes, edges and over-all composition as he goes.

The artist is Robert Joyner. You can find more of his videos HERE.