Week 1


Video on 4th floor: Ida Applebroog

In-class project: charcoal and acrylic matte medium drawing.  

If you have any questions you can email me at: trentreynoldssmc@gmail.com

Today we started class with a short video about Ida Applebroog from the PBS series "Art 21". There were two parts of the video that made me want to show it to you. One where she talks about the heavy content in much of her work. She explains that her art is about what she sees in the world around her. In her case what she sees is very dark and ugly. I do not suggest that your artwork should be about dark and ugly things but I do believe your art should be an exploration or expression of your life experience. Your art should start with you.   

The second thing I wanted you to notice is how she worked with a variety of materials. She chose the appropriate material for what she was trying to express or explore. We are in a painting class but paint can be used in many different ways. I want you to: 1. Start with something you care about and 2. search for the best way (material or technique) to express or explore whatever it is you care about.  

We spent the remainder of class making charcoal and acrylic matte medium drawings. These were to be self portraits or anything else you wanted really. I wanted you to get your hands dirty today and get the ideas flowing. 

NEXT WEEK: we will be starting a three-week long project. Before class I want you to decide what subject matter you want to work with. Like Ida Applebroog I want you to start with something you care about. It can be something serious or happy, big or small, literal or abstract. You can work from a photograph or from observation. 

Come prepared with all the usual painting supplies and a new clean surface to work on. If I use something in my demo that is not a typical supply, I will bring some for you to use as well. 



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