Week 1

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For the first day of class I wanted to focus simply on paint application. Many of the problems students tend to have painting are rooted in not using enough paint and not using a big enough brush.

Many of you are most familiar with water color which requires a very different mindset. In watercolor you can use a very small amount of paint and let the water carry it around the paper. With oil and acrylic you have to do more work and cover the canvas by pushing the paint around yourself.

Three basic rules to keep in mind: 1. The consistency of the paint should be like warm butter 2. If you feel tugging on your brush as you apply the paint you are probably not using enough paint and 3. If you start seeing the texture of the canvas in your paint stroke you are not using enough paint. 

Brush size is also very important. You need to take into consideration the size of the area you are trying to address. When we are in the initial "blocking-in" phase of a painting it can speed things up dramatically to use a large brush. Not only will it speed things up, it will help you blend colors and reduce brush stroke texture. 

I also talked about the importance of value contrast in creating the illusion of 3 dimensions. I asked you to mix at least 5 distinct values between black and white before you began. Finally I gave you a simple still life photograph to work from and asked you to add a simple object to the composition to practice seeing and recreating the light logic of the scene. 



NEXT WEEK: NO CLASS (I will update this if/when I find out if there will be a substitute). 

In two weeks we will start our first project. We are going to make boxes. I showed you an example of the box we will be using for this project and those of you who are interested in following along with my demonstrations wrote your name down on the sign in sheet. Please bring $10 with you to the next class to pay for your box. 

I will explain this project in more detail next time. The only information I gave you is that this box will be made for someone specific. This could be a relative, friend, celebrity etc. We will use Joseph Cornell as our example. So in the next couple weeks gather your thoughts about who you would like to make a box for. Read more about Joseph Cornell HERE. See some images of his work HERE.