Week 1


Today is was the first day of the short summer term. We only have five weeks and I would like to take all five weeks to work on one project. I will demonstrate several different materials and techniques that can be used in combination. Our subject matter will be a portrait.

Today I asked you to focus on experimenting with drawing the portrait and working out composition. Tracing paper is a great way to arrange and rearrange things quickly. I showed you several ways you can use tracing paper to pull details from your reference image and also to distort information in the reference image.

Of course you can also draw freehand or a little of both as I did. Once you came up with a composition you liked I asked you to do at least one more version of your drawing using the same basic elements but rearranging them. Your first idea is rarely your best but even if it is creating several iterations will help you see what is and isn't working.

I distorted my portrait quite a bit but you are welcome to take a more naturalistic approach. Today was just about getting started. A white canvas can be daunting so messing around on paper is a good way to warm up.

Next week we will transfer your final drawing to canvas using transfer paper. I will bring the transfer paper. You will need a canvas to paint on and your usual painting supplies. We are going to be doing some collage so also feel free to bring any collage materials you might want to use.

Let me know if you have any questions: trentreynoldssmc@gmail.com