Week 11

This was the third and last week working on this portrait. In my demonstration I talked about the difference between transparent glaze and opaque paint application. I started by covering the blue background with a mixture of Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue. Then, just like I did with the first weeks subtractive painting, I wiped away some of the dark paint to uncover some of the light blue. I wanted a little more contrast there so it was easier to see the dark contour of the body and face. It also helps draw attention to the face.

Then I started adding color to the face using some Transparent Earth Red, which is an oil paint made by Gamblin. It is great for glazing. I also worked in some opaque paint - especially in the highlights. You generally aren't going to glaze with a lighter value color. The nose and cheek area was a semi-transparent mixture of Cadmium Red, White and Yellow Ochre. Finally I demonstrated an approach to painting eyes and I added highlights on shirt and hair to reinforce the light logic that I had established in the face. I can take a lot of liberties with color (Hue) but if my light logic (value contrast) is inconsistent it won't read as three dimensional.

Next week we will begin a new project. Bring one image of a person and a second image of a place. We will be combining these two separate images into one painting over the course of the next three weeks. Don't forget your usual supplies and a new surface to paint on too.