Week 11

This is the second week on this project. For the demonstration I started to block in more details. For this painting I asked you to think of it as a "sculptural" process - starting with the mess we made last week we are going to push colors and values around to mold find/mold the image rather than starting with a precise drawing or composition that we just fill in. 

This is an approach you might use painting outside when you have to work fast and don't have time to plan things out carefully. While it is less precise it is a great way to keep things fresh and keep the painting more integrated. In the hair I used a dark glaze for the shadow area so some of the background texture is still visible. I also did this in the shadow area of her shirt.  

NEXT WEEK: I will finish the painting with oil paint. I'll show you how I would make some final adjustments, blend and make better use of negative space. Come prepared to continue work on this painting.