Week 11

Today I brought in a book about the painter Chuck Close. I foolishly decided to try and demonstrate the principles of color Chuck Close uses in his paintings. It wasn't a very successful demonstration but hopefully you got the idea. He puts spots of colors side by side so from a distance they mix visually to the color he wants. This is very different than physically mixing colors of paint together to create a color. It is very similar to pointillism in principle. 

After my Chuck Close flop I painted over the warm colors I used for my portrait with purple, blue and white. This was to show you as long as I maintain the correct values it will still look good. The different color will effect our interpretation of the image but it will still be a convincing illusion of three dimensionality. 

My hope with this project was to emphasize the importance of value in creating the illusion of volume and three dimension and also encourage you to experiment with unusual colors as "skin tones". My suspicion is most of us feel like we are not getting correct "hue"(color) information when really it is the value (light/dark) that is the problem. Fix the values and I think you will usually not be bothered much by hue inaccuracies. Value value. 

Next week will be our final class working on these portraits. I will bring in some books showing different several different approaches artists have used to paint eyes. I will also do a demonstration on how to paint eyes.