Week 12

Today we started a new project. Last week I asked you to bring two pictures with you to class today. One picture of a person/animal/thing and one picture of an environment. For this project I want to demonstrate some of the challenges we face when using more than one photographic reference. The goal will be to combine the two images into a single believable scene.  

In this first demonstration I talked about the two main things we need to reconcile: perspective and light-logic.

First we need to identify where the horizon line (the viewers eye level) is in each of the photographs. If we want the person to sit comfortably in the environment we have to make sure to align the perspective in the two photographs - or get pretty close. If the person seems to be at eye level with us and we paint the person into the environment well below the horizon line, there will be a discrepancy between perspectives.  

Reconciling light logic is very difficult. It is rare the we will find two photographs that have the exact same lighting. If the person in our painting seems to be lit by a different light source than the environment is being lit by, they will not appear to occupy the same space and the painting will feel flat.  

We will talk more about lighting and color next week make sure you bring your painting with you.