Week 13

Today we worked from a still-life setup in the center of the room. In my demonstrated I showed you how to use "oil sticks". Pretty straight forward - they are like big crayons made out of oil paint. It is important to remember that they are not the same as "oil pastel" and should not be used in combination with oil pastel. 

Oil sticks are compatible with tube oil paints and oil mediums. If you feel more control with pencil than brush you might enjoy oil stick. It feels more like drawing than when using a paint brush. Oil sticks also free you from having to go back and forth between your palette and canvas to transport paint so you can work more rapidly and get continuous lines that would be very difficult to achieve with a brush. 

They give you a unique way to get paint on to your canvas. Definitely worth playing with. 

NEXT WEEK: we will continue working from the still-life set up. You can continue working on the same painting or start a new one. I will work a little more on the painting I started in class.