Week 13

Today we started a new painting. I wanted to continue along the same train of thought we have been pursuing all semester. This train of thought has to do with understanding and manipulating visual language. 

I brought in a photograph of a landscape I found. Already this is an image that has been carefully composed and is full of meaning. You may or may not like the image. I wanted you to use this image as a point of departure - something to respond to or recreate in your own way. Art is often created as a response to something that already exists.

You could choose to recreate the image in paint, you could choose to rearrange the elements in the composition to change the meaning or story of the image, or you could create something completely abstract that incorporates the colors or any element of the photograph. I think we can learn a lot from seeing how each person responds to the same image in very different ways.

In my quick demo I chose to follow the basic composition in the photograph but exaggerate the size of the castle in the background. The building is what captured my attention so I decided to make it more of a focal point by making it large and more irregular. I also worked very quickly and with a lot of paint so my version is more textured and chaotic. 

We will take one more class period to finish these paintings. Next class we will talk more about visual story telling.