Week 14

We continued painting from our still life set up today. For my demonstration I used the painting I started last week and invited some of you to make alterations to it that changed the focal point to different points on the canvas that I pointed to. 

This is an exercise I have done in the past but I think it is worth revisiting on occasion. My primary intention is to make the point that we have a lot of control over how our paintings read. With little adjustments we can dramatically change what appears to be of primary importance. Focal point gives a viewer a place to start and a point of reference for the rest of your composition. You don't have to have a single obvious focal point but it is an effective way to grab and engage a viewers attention.

NEXT WEEK:  is our second-to-last class. We will use this as a workday to finish up anything that is unfinished. I will do a brief demonstration of some of my favorite materials that I think you might now be aware of.