Week 16

Today was our last day of class. Thank you all very much for your card and gift. I am always touched by your kindness and generosity towards me. It was another great semester and I am happy with the work we produced. 

For my demonstration today I showed you, similar to last week, a combination of materials I like to use for fun and for prep work for a painting. The two materials I used today were Lyra crayons which are water soluble and Gouache which is opaque watercolor paint. 

Using the Lyra sticks I drew in the basic outline of a face and scrubbed in some areas of color. Then I spritzed the whole drawing with some water. As the colors began to mix and run I brought in some white Gouache to block in some highlights. They are both watercolor-based (gum arabic is the medium) materials and so are compatible. 

It is a great way to get ideas down quickly and have the versatility and variety of watercolors. The white gouache gives me a little flexibility because I don't have to rely on the paper for my light values. 

Starting in the winter semester I will no longer be teaching this class on Wednesday. Instead I will be teaching a figure drawing class at the same time in the same room. I am taking over for Ruth San Pietro who is moving out of town. I am hoping to be able to teach this class on another day but that hasn't been sorted out yet. 

Happy Holidays! I hope to see you all next semester.