Week 16


Today was our last day of class. Thank you to everyone for following along this semester. I gave you some challenging assignments and you all did some really excellent work. During the summer and fall I will return to some more familiar territory but I do think there is value is pushing boundaries sometimes. I appreciate you being patient with me trying new ideas. 

For our last class I wanted to spend the time painting self portraits. I talked at some length during the critique why I think self portraits are an especially interesting exercise. For many artists (Rembrandt, Lucien Freud etc.) they act as milestones or snapshots throughout an artists career. They are not only snapshots of what the artist looks but where an artist is at in their technical and personal development. It is interesting to see the changes in paint application and visual style that occur over the course of an artists life and self portraits are often a great window into that progression. There are also the practical and logistical reasons self portraits are a good exercise: cheap model, not as worried about offending the model, introspection, practice etc. A lot of good can come from regular self portraits. 

I also like to periodically give you a chance to work large (ish). I enjoy working large very much and wish I could provide you with that experience more often. It is freeing in many ways and I was happy to see so many of you enjoy it. 

Thanks for a great semester! My painting class is on Tuesday afternoons in the summer 2-4:15.