Week 2

Week 2 :

Wednesday, September 5

We will be continuing the landscape we started in class last week so don't forget to bring it.

  • Continuation of last weeks landscape painting. We refined general areas of color into more accurate shapes and composition. We also started blocking in general areas of light and shadow.
  • Remember this is supposed to be a very loose approach. We are finding the composition and image content through the process of painting rather that defining it at the start. It is a technique where we are necessarily constantly adjusting and moving around the painting.
  • We will continue this painting for one more week. I will demonstrate painting details like the clouds next class.
  • If you are finished with your painting come to class next Wednesday with something to work on. It can be a new project or you can continue work on an unfinished project.
  • Make sure you pay the $5 lab fee to Gloria if you haven't already.

Download the landscape reference photograph we are painting from HERE.