Week 2

I brought several different meaningful things with me to class: an old drawing I made of a person in a white shirt and tie, a picture of Janine who was a girl I knew is 7th grade, some pictures I cut out of magazines, and a invitation I found to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.  

You might have brought a single picture or a story or general idea. I asked you to come prepared with the subject matter you wanted to work with. I purposefully left this vague. As long as it is something you care about I am satisfied. You might not have know exactly what you wanted to work with but just had some parts that you wanted to be in your work. As long as it is subject matter you care about.  

In my demonstration I talked about several ways to begin developing an image. I drew pictures of each picture element I had on separate pieces of paper. With some I tried drawing a couple different size variations of the image. Some of the elements I decided were not important or did not fit what I had in mind so I set them aside.  

Once I had the various elements on separate pieces of paper I was able to experiment with organizing them in a variety of ways, further refining what it was exactly I wanted the image to say. I tried putting the different pieces of paper on a larger piece of paper to see if they sat better in a larger composition. I tried tracing some images and stacking some on top of each other. I think this is a great way to experiment with many different compositions very rapidly. It is a way to get your thoughts out of your head and into the world. Actually moving things around and having actual images to respond to can really help you refine your subject matter.  

After you found an organization you like I wanted you to start making thumbnail sketches that you will ultimately use to decide the final composition of your painting. By next week I would like you to have gotten to this point, so we can start painting. 

NEXT WEEK: come prepared with a fresh surface to paint on and the usual painting supplies. Also have your final composition completed in the form of a thumbnail sketch. We will start painting next week. 



Neo Rauch: Paintings

By Bernhart Schwenk