Week 2

Today was our second day developing our portraits. In my demonstration I showed you how to transfer the drawings/tracing you did last week to your canvas or paper. You can transfer a drawing by covering the back of the drawing with graphite and then tracing over the lines of the drawing with the graphite-covered side touching the canvas. I also showed you how to use transfer paper which is the same thing as carbon paper but it comes in several different colors. I used red transfer paper for my drawing.

After I transferred my drawing to the canvas I demonstrated how to collage paper without it rippling. In short you have to liberally coat BOTH sides of the paper AND the surface you are gluing to with matte medium before you set the paper down. Let the paper sag in the middle when you are setting it down and smooth from the center out. I put some torn up photographs in the background of my drawing. You can see one of Mona Lisa's eyes looking out at you. 

I also showed you a product called "bleeding tissue" paper. With the tissue I just put the matte medium on the surface I am gluing to. The tissue is delicate enough that you can't really put glue directly on it without it breaking apart.  I used green bleeding tissue for the jacket on my portrait. For the face I got a wad of green tissue wet with matte medium and then rubbed the tissue on my canvas so color came off but I didn't glue down any paper. Before the green color dried I wiped away some of the color to expose the white of the canvas to create the beginnings of some highlights. 

Next week I am going to talk about integrating photographic collage elements with painted elements. One of the difficulties of working with mixed media is figuring out how to make a cohesive and legible image out of a lot of very different visual elements. We will talk about how to de-emphasize parts that are distracting and emphasize parts that are getting lost. Come prepared to paint with acrylic paint. Of course bring the same image we have been working on and your reference image.